Several changes have taken place recently to make

Jon Scott’s MUSIC UNLIMITED more eco-friendly


These fall into three categories…


The Events

The investment in 2009 in a Bose PA system has made the shows more power efficient due to improvements in sound distribution.

Almost all show lighting is now LED which not only uses less electricity at venues but also lasts many times longer than conventional lamps, reducing the need for replacements.

The on-stage laptop computer replaces a book of lyrics which held nearly 200 printed pages of songs. Even instrumental tunes are now read from the screen meaning a completely paperless set up and no more printing for each added song.


The Transport

The changes in equipment listed above also have the advantage that they are much smaller and lighter than previous gear. In 2009 the workhorse Vauxhall Omega estate was replaced with a much smaller and more fuel efficient Honda Civic hatchback.

This also means that occasional private use of the vehicle costs less while insurance and vehicle tax are reduced meaning that fees can be kept down.

Where possible car sharing reduces the number of vehicles driven to bookings.

Local bookings are actively sought and take precedence over distance work, also keeping costs down.


The Office

Computers are chosen for their efficiency and the old cathode ray monitors have been replaced with economical flat screen LCDs.

A Continuous Ink System has been installed in the printer, eliminating the need for constant replacement of ink cartridges. Printing paper and envelopes are made from recycled paper and much use is made of email and text to keep paper use to a minimum.


Equipment is repaired where practical rather than replaced and all working but ‘retired’ equipment such as lighting and computer gear is either donated to friends and other performers or disposed of thoughtfully at recycling centres.