with the superb band HEADLINES

featuring Jon Scott on piano and keyboard



These events now account for most of the band’s weekend work during the year. Their wealth of experience helps them to know what music their audiences want, when they want it. Rather than working to a fixed list of songs, each one is chosen from an extensive collection to suit the moment and echo the flow of the evening.


Bookings include over 16 hotels in Bournemouth alone with many festivals in each. Also Fareham, Portsmouth, Brighton, Eastbourne, Sheerness, Reading, Cheltenham, Swindon and Tewkesbury.



Jon can supply either of the following:


   FRIDAY NIGHT: A lively solo or duo at a reasonable cost for the entire evening – this has proved even more popular than expected because of the range of music which can cover at least the last five decades, and the ability to adapt to changing circumstances. Optional piano instrumentals during meal.

   SATURDAY NIGHT: Dancing to the fabulous band HEADLINES, including live background piano during the meal, with piano accompaniment for the Masonic Grace, the National Anthem and the Ladies’ Song if required.





The live piano music commences from the entry of the President and his Lady to the banqueting hall until approximately the end of the dessert course after which recorded music is played at an appropriate volume. Jon remains in attendance to monitor this so the music can be stopped as announcements need to be made, and then returns to the piano to accompany the formal songs such as the Masonic Grace, the National Anthem and Ladies’ Song as required. Jon has sung the Ladies’ Song before and is willing to do so should you wish.


During the meal the President’s Lady is offered a short list of appropriate songs to choose from for her and her partner’s formal start to the dancing.


Jon then retires to get changed and take a break and returns with the band for the dance section which usually takes place between 10.00pm and 1.00am*.


Music throughout the evening can include traditional waltzes and quicksteps, through to recent chart hits, with the main emphasis on creating a memorable party atmosphere to fill the floor. As things warm up this is enhanced by the band’s dynamic disco lighting display.


The evening is rounded off with Auld Lang Syne and For He’s A Jolly Good Fellow plus three cheers for all the Ladies, followed by Land of Hope and Glory, or the National Anthem if not played at the conclusion of the meal.


All breaks can be filled by CD quality background music as necessary, and the evening is fully coordinated with the Toastmaster, who is welcome to make use of the PA for announcements and the raffle.


* The band performs for a maximum total playing time of two and a half hours with breaks of not less than 15 minutes unless otherwise arranged in advance. A break is an ideal time to hold a raffle or auction. If dancing commences late the band often forego one of their breaks and perform two longer sets.






If you are booking Jon Scott or Headlines directly they know and can recommend a number of Toastmasters or Cabaret Artistes such as close-up magicians, comedians or after-dinner speakers.


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