A great deal of time is spent finding, writing or working on the backing music used by the bands before adding them to the list. No songs are used without a rigorous check and there are many changes made to ensure their quality, suitability and especially their authenticity. Even after being added, tracks are often later replaced by better versions as they become available.

This attention to detail makes for a superb sound, regardless of the type of song being performed. Rather than being a disjointed collection of unfamiliar arrangements of songs, the bands can give an electrifying show, moving smoothly and quickly between songs, with the atmosphere of a live show that recorded music cannot reproduce. This is achieved with the help of a full professional sound and light system which is constantly being upgraded.

PLEASE NOTE -- We don’t want anyone disappointed that we didn’t play their song, so if there is a particular title on the list you wish to hear at your event, please make sure you request it, preferably in advance. And if a song you want doesn’t appear on the list then please ask in advance - it can sometimes be prepared in time.

Some of these songs are only sung by a female vocalist and so will obviously not be included when Jon appears solo or in an all male line-up.


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